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The Doolally Mug Club

The doolally mug club table reservation , refer & extend. Refer Friend and extend mug club membership by three months.Extension gets applied as soon as refered user purchases mug club membership.

Reserve a Table

As you are mug club member we are offering you benefit of reserving the table in any doolally taproom.Enjoy benefits of this by booking table from now onwards.

Refer & Extend

We are offering you opportunity to extend your membership by refering your friend. Refer as many friends as you can .

Reserve a Table

Mug number required !
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How many seats to booked!

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Refer & Extend


Thank You

Thank you for reserving table . We will get back to you very soon.

Reservation Duration:

  1. There is no duration or time limit on your table, it's blocked for you. For however long you need. Helps immensely if you are co-working, or conducting meetings, or celebrating a special occasion.
  2. On busy days, weekends and weekdays post 8 pm, we can only hold your table for 15 mins. If you are running late, we kindly ask that you notify us by phone.

Cancellation Policy:

  1. We require at least one hour's notice for every cancellation. If you don't cancel in time, we will give away your table after 15 mins from the time of booking, as you will be considered as a "no show". There are no penalties for being a no show.

Table Allocation:

  1. Do let us know if you want an outside table or AC table. We will do our best to accommodate your request.