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Doolally Taproom Andheri
C18-21, Dalia Industrial Estate, Near Fun Republic Mall, Off New Link Road, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400053
 Andheri     Fri, Jul 30 access_time 2:00 pm    Free

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What's On Tap
  • What's on tap in..  

Apple Cider

Mango Cider

Belgian Witbier


English Bitter


Karvanda Gose

Brut I.P.A.

Strawberry Cider

Helles Lager

Smoked Porter

English Brown Ale


English Breakfast

Eggs fried, Chicken Sausages, Bacon, Baked Beans, Grilled Tomato and Toast.

Kundapuri Mutton Sukka

Mutton cubes tossed with Onions, Red Chili and Curry Leaves in a south Canara masala

Vegetable Ishtew

Vegetables, Curry Leaf and Mustard Seed tempered Coconut curry with Masala rice, Curd, Chili and Poppaadams. 

Kosha Murghi

Bengali Chicken Curry with Lucchis (deep fried puris) with a side of House Salad.

Caesar Salad

Crispy Lettuce, Herbed Croutons and Grana Padano flakes in our Caesar dressing. Add Grilled Chicken or Bacon.

House Fries

A portion of hand cut Fries with Miso Aioli, Bhut Mayo, Coriander Chilly Pesto, Herb Tzatziki (Greek Yoghurt), Mango Basil Salsa.

Kaffir Fried Chicken

Kaffir Lime Leaf-flavoured Buttermilk Fried Chicken served with Harissa Mayo and a House Slaw. 

Parsi Kheema Cutlet

Spiced Kheema stuffed in a Potato Cutlet, fried and served with Chili Tomato Chutney.  

Veg Crafts Burger- Make Your Own

Built with Shredded Iceberg, Onion Rings, Buttered Mushrooms, Gherkins and Cheese.Protein: Veg Patty.Sauce: BBQ, Caesar Dressing, Bhut Mayo, Hot Sauce.

Non Veg Craft Burgers - Make Your Own

Built with Shredded Iceberg, Onions Rings, Buttered Mushrooms, Gherkins and Cheese. Protein: Chicken Breast(Rs.450), Sloppy Mutton Mince, Bacon. Sauce: BBQ, Caesar Dressing, Bhut Mayo, Hot Sauce.

Burmese Khauk Swe

Fresh Wheat Noodles on Coconut Turmeric Broth topped with house made Chickpea Tofu, Mushrooms and Shredded Greens. Choose Veg or Chicken

Rocky Road

Gooey Walnut Brownies, Marshmallows, Chocolate Ganache and Nuts

Beer Glazed Ribs

Pork ribs marinated in our smokiest beer and finished with a sticky ginger soy sauce.

Chicken Ghee Roast

Our take on a classic Mangalorean dish. Served with onion rice cooked in ghee along with Kori Roti.

Chili Garlic Dumpling

Sichuan style wontons filled with mushroom or chicken, ginger and scalions smothered with chili garlic sauce. 

Pita, Za'atar with Hummus

Lebanese flat breads topped with Za’atar (mid-eastern spice) and Olive oil. Served with Hummus and Fattoush Salad.


Nachos with 3 kinds of Tortilla Chips, Refried Beans, Charred Tomato Salsa, Creamy Paprika Corn and Lima Crema. (Add Belgian Wit Braised Chicken)

Blueberry Baked Cheesecake

Freshly Baked Cheesecake with a Buttery Crust,a Creamy Cheesecake centre, topped with a secret crumble

Chili Cheese Toast

Soft white bread with our version of a spicy cheese mix melted to perfection.

Buff Steak

Buffalo Steak in Red Wine Mushroom Sauce. Served with Garlicky Mashed Potatoes & Sauteed Vegetables.

Chicken Popcorn Chaat

Crispy Chicken Popcorn, mixed with Fried Peanuts, Sweet Corn, Yellow Cheddar, Cocktail Onion, tossed with Wasabi.

Chicken Platter

Moroccon Spiced Marinated Chicken Skewers and Sausages tossed in Naga Chilli Butter 

Cheesy Mini Idli

Idli Podi topped with Cheese , Tomato Chutney,Coconut Chutney and Idli Rasam

Ema Datshi

Our take on Bhutan's National dish , Peppers , Chilly, Cottage Cheese and Feta stewed in Creamy Cheese sauce with Orange Pilaf and Veggies.

Calamari Two Ways

A serving of crunchy panko fried Squid and Squid tossed in Red Pepper Pesto Sauce

Smoked Chilli & Chicken Pizza 10’

Chicken salami, chicken sausages, BBQ Chicken, jalapeno, peanut, smoked chilli & asian salad.

Pineapple & Pulled Chicken Pizza 10’

Roasted pull chicken, pineapple, mozzarella, bell pepper, honey mustard & mayonnaise

Pepperoni Pizza 10’

Pork pepperoni, fresh arugula, mozzarella, oregano & chilli flakes

Roasted Buff & Arugula Pizza 10’

Roasted buff, capers, mozzarella, yellow cheddar, arugula, black pepper & oregano

Pork Chorizo Pizza 10'

Pork chorizo sausages, mozzarella, onion, capsicum, tomato, green chilli & spring onion

Three Cheese Pizza 10’

Mozzarella, yellow cheddar, parmesan, fresh mushrooms, shiitake
mushroom, basil

Greek Salad with Herb Tofu & Bulgur

Whole Grain Bulgur Wheat with crunchy Vegetables, Fresh Greens, Lettuce Romaine, Black Olives, Tofu and Dry Anjeer

Goan Breakfast (Contains Pork)

Chorizo stuffed omlette, Goan Ros (gravy) with bread

Egg and Salami Wrap

Chicken salami, cheese, fresh arugula and tomato with a blend of avocado dip, wrapped in egg.

Cauliflower Rice Stuffed Bell Peppers

Baked bell peppers stuffed with cauliflower, rice, kidney beans, cheese and seasoning.

Keto Cold Platter

Includes chicken salami, pork pepperoni, olives, gherkins, assorted dry fruits, cheddar cheese, prunes, cheese crackers served with avocado cheese dip.

Spinach Sundried Tomato Baked Chicken

Seasoned baked chicken breast with spinach, sundried tomatoes and cheese. Served with cauliflower rice and cream tossed broccoli. 

Keto Vegetarian Curry

A blend of Indian spices along with cottage cheeese, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. Served with cauliflower rice and cream tossed broccoli.

Tofu and Cherry Tomato Bruschetta

Soft baguette slice with tofu, cherry tomato, jalapeno, olive oil and balsamic reduction.

Beetroot Hummus and Pita Chips

Beetroot hummus served with crispy pita chips. (Choose regular hummus or beetroot hummus)

Mexican Potato Skins

Potato shells with a Corn filling served with Sour Cream & Red Salsa

Vegetarian Thai Curry

Thai coconut curry with vegetables. Served with steamed rice and vegetarian crackers.

Tofu Shashlik

Tofu, onion, tomato, capsicum skewers served with pimento rice or malabar paratha and rich cashew tomato gravy.

Babycorn Fritters with Honey Chilly

Babycorn dipped in tempura batter, crisp fried and tossed in honey & chilly sauce.

Sundried Tomatoes & Ricotta Pizza 10’

Corn, spinach, sundried tomato, ricotta, mozzarella, oregano

Fresh Arugula Pizza 10'

Tomato, fresh arugula, mozzarella

Pineapple and Corn Pizza 10'

Pineapple, corn, bell pepper, onion, mozzarella, oregano, fresh basil

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